About Us

The Druid Order of Tamaris was founded by Akasa in November 2006. Although already being part of various pagan groups in Plymouth, it was felt that there was something lacking in the way of local Druid groups.

In November 2006 the forum was set up, and the official inauguration ceremony was held at Imbolc in 2007, up at the Merrivale Stone Circle on Dartmoor.

In the last year the group has gone form strength to strength, meeting many new people across the country and forging links with other pagan groups. Although the group is a druid order, many members are also practising witches, or have an ‘eclectic’ path.

In June 2007, The Druid Order of Tamaris became a member order of The Council of British Druid Orders (see our links section).


DOT is a living, breathing community for pagans in Devon and Cornwall who wish to walk the pagan path in the company of like-minded local people. We get together for regular moots, day trips, rituals to celebrate the wheel of the year and workshops of various natures.

Please feel free to join us in our forum, or send a message via the ‘Contact Us’ page  for more details.

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